My Heart

January 27, 2012
By Solei BRONZE, Sandia, TX, Texas
Solei BRONZE, Sandia, TX, Texas
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Could it be that, we were apart all along
I just wanted you to come around, but it seems we don’t belong
Why is it so hard for you to come to?
My pain, this curse, I am screaming out for you
You left me alone, when I cried out my heart to you
These mistakes, you’ve made, we can never undo
This time, I will contain my heart in its cage
Safe and sound, hidden from your burning rage
These tears, I cry, they no longer fall for you
You say, it’s strange, but what could you ever do?
I’ll try, to get past this loss I feel
In the end, you lost, for losing what once was real
I was on my knees, wishing you wouldn’t forget me
But when the fog was lifted, I knew you were too blind to see
What you, once had, when you let go of me
And one day, I will show you what I can be
All I wanted was you
But in the end, that could never be true
I hope, you’re happy, now that I am gone
These games, we played, you must still think in the end you won
Those nights we had, they were only mirrors of the past
And now all that’s left is cloudy nights and shattered glass
Maybe, in the, end we had it made
But you, held on, to your imaginary fame
This time, I won’t make the mistake of you
You said that I was done, that I was untrue
How could you think, that I would want to leave you?
I guess now, I finally see what hate can do
Please forgive, me now, but I have to go
There’s just, something, that I want you to know
I gave you all I had, I gave you my heart
But you let it all go, right from the start
I will, find love, and one day you will finally see
This strange, dream of you and I was, never meant to be

The author's comments:
The Heart. All have felt the pain of it breaking, and countless tears are shed as we clasp to the reverie of what once was love. These words... are a way to help mend what was lost.

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