January 25, 2012
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I'm left in the dark searching for answers to be revealed
But I'm left in the light but my wounds are still not healed
I get a step closer but there's still an anchor holding me back
I'm suck on a boat starting to sink down all over a crack
Nothing to do but throw out my float
I can't save myself anymore I'm drowning down

I'm drowning now the waters above my head
I'm drowning now there's no way I'm living I'm dead
The water consumes me I'm stuck making
A choice
I can't speak now instead I'm screaming for a voice

I'm drowning here so catch me now
I'm drowning down & that's the only way I know how
I can't get up when I pushed to far
I can't get up I'm staring at the stars
Pick me up & help me if you can
But until then I'm gone until I see you again

I'm drowning now just to know I'm alive
I'm drowning myself to figure out the lies
I'm done with breathing in a sick & sad life
I'm drowning myself now to be freed from the knife

I'm drowning now
My eyes are closing shut
I'm drowning myself
I'm pouring out of my cuts
I'm drowning myself to be freed from the sorrow
I'm drowning myself I'm done with this life borrowed

I'm done now the waters being swallowed I'm done now there's nothing to be followed
I drown myself just to know the pain is done
There's nothing left to do I'm done with the pain. I know there's no use.

I'm drowning in my pain. I'm drowning down the pain. I'm sick of all the pain. So I'm left drowning. Drowning drowning the pain away. I can't do this now. I can't live this Way. So I drowned myself. I drown myself. I drowned myself away.

I'm drowning
D d d drowning
I drowned myself aWay

Shut off the sirens
Stop the search lights
Its too late to try
I lost all my might
I drowned myself away
I'm not here anymore
I'm drowning
I'm drowning
I'm drowning.

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