Crowded in the In Crowd

January 15, 2012
I walk in a sea of strangers and everybody looks and acts the same.
I was taught that we’re all different but I look around and only feel ashamed.
It’s easy to be replaceable, and you would have to chase me down to make me play a part in this game.
We would be so much happier if we could be as different as our names.

Why do we acquiesce to just dressing like each other in every way?
I don’t know if I could be the same person for more than just a day.
They say don’t judge a person until you’ve stood in their shoes and walked a mile.
If fitting in is what’s in vogue then I really don’t want to be in style.

Maybe I love acting because I’ve gotten to portray so many roles.
Onstage being different is not heretical and the main characters are the ones who are bold.
When you play completely different people you have to understand their joy and pain.
In reality we’re afraid to leave our different strengths and weaknesses unrestrained.

It can seem incontrovertible that we will not convert our same old ways.
The status quo is all we know; Does growing up mean being averse to change?
Just think about how much happier the world as we know it could be,
If it were socially acceptable for you to just be you and I be me.

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