January 8, 2012
By anibani6 BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
anibani6 BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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First song, first song,

I promise this’ll last life long,

I guess it’s a story of good and bad,

Does it really make a difference to the blue collar or white plaid?,

Guess it’s my chance to get it out,

Clear up a story full of doubts,

There’s just so many people who sought out to criticize,

Unfortunately seeing us together was something they couldn’t visualize,

It all started way back when……,

I switched from pencil to pen,

I had you permanently tattooed,

You were the only one I pursued,

Along with love, followed the issues,

I needed a hug more than I needed tissues,

Questions were raised from those who acted like the press,

There’s no doubt it hindered our progress,

Until now, this was something I never addressed,

But the time has come for me to confess,

Cause I feel so blessed,

Then we were hit with accusations,

Which hurt our foundation and relations,

Then came the biggest break of my life,

A point in which I thought I had you as my wife,

You left for some other guy,

I felt as if I was gonna die,

Now I look back on my trail of tears,

Take a moment and let the air clear,

I relied on my friends and peers,

To get me past that year,

People ask me all the time how I ever forgave,

I tell em to look at Mandela and see how he treated those who treated him like a slave,

If he could forgive the Apartheid regime,

Why I can’t I elevate to a new level and accomplish my dreams,

Love being the answer has always been the theme,

A friend of mine once told me Carpe Diem,

I wanted you right back from the moment you left,

I became a victim of robbery and wanted justice brought to the theft,

All I see in you is perfection,

I can’t hide my affection,

Cause we got that telepathic connection,

I had a moment of reflection,

I’m glad you came back,

To the city that went black,

Enough of the past, I look at what’s ahead,

Forgetting the times that I bled,

Imagining the future smiles,

It’s been a while,

We’ve gotten back together with no regrets,

Let’s just hope this sun never sets,

It’s all about what you gain from what you go through,

I’m just glad you came through,

All that’s left to say is, I love you,

The author's comments:
This piece tells the story of an event in my life which drastically changed me and in the end it made me a stronger and better person. The lyrics show my feelings at given moments in time. I'm very passionate about my music.

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