My Friends

January 23, 2012
By dama123 BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
dama123 BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Be there for me,
Happy or sad.
Help me through it,
Good or bad.
Take the pain,
Far away.
Here with me,
here to stay.

Bring out smiles
On my face.
Take me to
A happy place.
Joy is among us,
In the air.
In our future,
In our care.

Days go by,
And so do years,
Friends will leave us,
Followed by tears.
But you are different,
A different kind,
Something special,
Something hard to find.

Our inside jokes,
Far too many to name,
When we're apart,
Boring and lame.
But when we're together,
It's nothing but fun.
Replacing my best friends,
It can't be done.

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