7 Deadly sins

January 20, 2012
By TheKhan BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
TheKhan BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Any problem can be cured by three steps: Locate, contemplate, eliminate.

A warning to all those who have forgot
How she got ‘em all tied up in knots.
How do they deal?
Pop them pills till even I can’t feel,
While the emotional dagger
Causes its sentimental stagger
Will leave you lying haggard.

You need to see
That you’re just another detainee,
Oblivious of what is soon to be.
Hear the warning call of the banshee?
Your time does not come free,
Learn to agree with the fate that awaits
Because Death does not debate,
But a deal has been made
That will decide your fate,
Between his temptress and Death
To claim not only your flesh and breath,
But at birth, what we have inherit
Our priceless gift, soul and spirit.

Our days are filled to the top
Of things we want but need not.
People are all far too caught up
To be taught for what our forefathers fought,
But why care?
I only care about what I bought,
And you better not judge,
It’s illegal to hold a grudge.

Hear this dire warning,
That you may stray from mourning,
Enjoy the view of yet another dawning
Knowing your life is yours to live
And your love is something you can give.

Get out while it’s the sunny season,
To sit and do nothing, there is no reason
We are born to work and move
If we asked that which has been removed,
The mammal within he would disapprove
Of the lifestyle which we think to be improved.

All the wasted time of our lives,
Not something perceived by eyes,
But as the bodies lack haste
We measure the time sent to waste,
By how much the soul has been disgraced.

There is no need for any mans scorn
To be made into action and be performed,
For those who selfishly withhold his mercy
From fellow man will regret his atrocity,
To not give and expect is total hypocrisy,
He who lacks mercy is like him with leprosy,
Ranting for everyone to leave him be
Frivolously forming his own solitary
To endure his personal imprisonment
He will silently lament and wish for grace
He will regret denying mercy to that mans face.

Why must anger always dwell in touch,
Often it seems to be far too much.
The very vicious acts themselves infects all around
Like a malicious virus that affects all in town,
Impossible to outrun and hopeless to hide from,
If I could persuade peoples perceptions, just some,
A forgotten memory anger would become.

Gaze upon your eye catching car,
While your family’s weight drops below par,
Due to the cost of your extravagant ride.
I wonder, is it fast? Does it go 205?
You’re going to have to sleeplessly hide,
Cause if it’s not the feds then it’s the IRS,
So is this car worth poverty?
Because that’s not what your car shows me,
How about your family?
They are nowhere that I can see,
Don’t be surprised if CPS gives you a knock,
As soon as the kids see, to his car they will flock,
Life isn’t about how expensive your accessories,
But the many imperishable memories

The prideful man values materials before others,
He rather buy a new hat than go see his mother,
Respect is foreign and completely forgotten,
His focus is on his silk suede pants he had just gotten,
His heart darkened, thoroughly rotten,
His love, due to lack of use, thoroughly downtrodden.

The covetous man which gazes upon another’s item,
He works not the 5 finger discount, but 10,
He grabs whatever regardless of what it means to them,
He may get away with what he will today
But he can’t always keep the evidence at bay,
Justice will come; all the wrong will be undone.

Large and plump, that is your visual projection,
No need for moderation, hoarding is your profession,
Why eat two when you can devour 8?
You love food, so it’s obviously your fate,
Why let depression slow you down,
Food can always fix that frivolous frown,
Whenever I see you eat it makes my stomach weak,
I lose my appetite for a week.

Now it all comes to the end,
Because we have learned to listen,
And have heeded this emphatical lesson,
And understood what has been written
We will be accountable for our sin
And without dedicated discipline
We will be condemned till the end.

The author's comments:
I had all night and nothing to do so i decided to exploit my lyrical mind. :)

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