No More Tomorrow

January 5, 2012
JustBelieve SILVER,
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Favorite Quote:
"A time will come when you think everything is done.....that will be the beginning."

Soon there isn’t going to be a tomorrow
Another shot to get it right
There won’t be another chance to take
A rematch for the un-won fight

There will be no time for messing up
No regrets and no mistakes
No time to cry for when tears fall
They just turn to ice and break

There won’t be worries for you to have
About things that could have been
No wasted thoughts of old lollypops
Or younger brighter skin

No time for dogs and small green frogs
In our youth they were our friends
No puzzle parts or old broken hearts
Because who knows when those end

Not one glance back into the past
When things were going well
Because the future turns to dust
When in the past you dwell

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