Lost Without You

January 13, 2012
By Tator BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
Tator BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift that is why it is called the present.

If only i saw what was right in front me,
then I would know what I lost.Her name is
echoing in my mind. I feel as though time stops
when im with her (I'm with her)

Don't stop loving me now, don't stop trusting me here
I need what was once front of me.Without her im lost.

I feel her warmth, I hear her heartbeating,
but i still can't see her.(still can't see her)
So figure out now before it is lost.

I have her in my grasp then everything falls apart.
The hole in the ground it pulls me in then I lose her.
I fight with life,and destroy myself all for her.

Don't stop loving me now, Don't stop trusting me here.
I need what was once front of me.Without her i'm lost(2x)
I'm Lost
I'm Lost
You (I'm lost without you)

The author's comments:
Everybody this was meant for one person and I love her.
this is my first attempt at a love song so leave wht u think. I wrote this a long time ago and i was told its good so here it is.

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