Who am I? (Nicknames)

January 8, 2012
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I lost myself along the way
I lost myself and I'm so ashamed
I should know who I am
I'm digging my way out from
Under millions of names
I don't know who to blame
(Chorus: I got so many nicknames
From so many different people
I don't know what my real one is
I don't write it on homework
I don't write it on papers
I lost it sometime, that's all
Who am I?)
I turn around
Everyone's calling one of my names
I know everyone
But so many of my names are confusing
I've lost who I am in the names
Who I am is buried in these games
I can't play this game
I can't stand it
I can't find out who I am
I've lost me
I need to find me
If you see me please tell me where I am
Who am I
Tell me
Who am I
and were
am I?

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