like father like son

January 15, 2012
(intro)momma left daddy when i was two,
she packed her bags and headed north.
momma left daddy for someone new..
(verse 1) growing up wasn't always so easy for me..
there was three kids in one room, and one always screaming,
"Where's my mommy?!"
and when they got to see her they were always sent back in clothes too small,
and shoes too tight... for them
(verse 2) one day that guy left mommy behind in a big empty house
with no kids and no money to pay for anything.and all she wanted was for her kids
to love her, but now that they're older they understand that what she did was wrong, and they're trying to find their ways in this world.
(outro) Brooke at 20 years old just trying to get Thur collage, and Hayden at 16 years old just trying to make it Thur high school with out being alone.. And LAST but not least Christopher at 15 years old just trying to find the girl that he loves, that he wishes would of stayed and not left him just like his mom did to his father..

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