December 21, 2011
say you're sorry that I'm nothing

like that girl in your dreams..
that I'll never look as beautiful in a million years...
don't try to outsmart me
don't even deny what I'm saying

Hold me close

Breathe us in

Lock our arms
you know that we'll never be able to get this far
I might be pretty but am I good enough?
I know I'm clumsy, just always seeming to fall...

but I'm not perfect,I'm not a princess
I'm barely making sense of this relationship
cause I'm not a model, I'm not a pinup,I'll never be that girl that you get a rush from...
(but maybe I'll always be that girl,you can't get a piece of...)

say you're sorry that I'm worth it,although far from good...

don't hide the emotions that's showing us what we could...ve' been...

but I'm not a pageant queen,I'm not a glam doll,I'm not that first hot girl you've laid eyes on...

I'm not a barbie,I'm not an exotic beauty,cause I'll never be the one you'd see on t.v.

(but maybe I'll always be that girl your girlfriend wish she'd be,from her seeming perfect reality,

cause maybe

just maybe

I like being uNPERFECT...

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