Child of my Mercy

January 10, 2012
By rEaLiTyChEcKiNgIn SILVER, Spring Valley, Illinois
rEaLiTyChEcKiNgIn SILVER, Spring Valley, Illinois
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To the world, you are one person. To one person, you may just be the world.

My darling child. Beautiful child. Why do you cry so? What sorrows bring you down? Look to the heavens, child. Why do you so soon wish to be there? A world lives around you. See the beauty and opportunity given to you. Take a breath of cool air and calm winds. I gave you that breath. My own, child. The greatest gift. Why do you wish it away? I have abandoned you, you say. Left you alone in a cold, cruel world. A godless world. But is it, my dear on? A godless world would be no world at all. I have not forsaken you. I have been with you since before you were born. I am in the air. I am in the trees. I walk beside you in ever person. For it is not me who has forsaken you but you have me.

Angry words. Scarred red lines. Drugs. Alcohol. Stealing. Killing. Do any of these make you happy, my child? These are the destruction of your soul. Do you ponder eternal happiness? But that is too easy for you. You can't see me, so I don't exist. Accounts of my work is stories. Fictional writings of a mad man. So many of my children try to prove me false. But do you feel that little flutter of hope? I do. Because I am in you. With you every step of the way. Even though you try and prove me false, a piece of you wishes me real.

I have a life for you, my little one. A plan for your every move. If only you will hear my command. I call to you at every decision but you will not hear my voice. Believe in my path for you, child. For what is your life without me? What purpose have you without me? What hope, what happiness?

Hear my final cry to you, children of my mercy. Turn from the sinful and godless. Accept my eternal joy and share it with your brothers and sisters. For you are all my children whom I love. I am always beside you. But the choice is yours. Turn towards me. Embrace my ways. for I alone care for you, my beautiful child.

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