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Daddy Dearest

January 6, 2012
By hanbanann4501 GOLD, Wakeman, Ohio
hanbanann4501 GOLD, Wakeman, Ohio
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I always thought you loved me,
I always thought you cared;

How come you've never seen me?
How come you're never there?

Is it me, could it be?
All this time we never shared?

I swear daddy I swear, I could see you standing there.

This pain I cannot bare,
to show you that I care.

All the memories we could share;
if only you were there.

Well it's too late to be here,
you weren't ever anywhere.

No, never there,
I swear,
Daddy Dearest,
No more do I care.

The author's comments:
I grew up without my dad in my life whatsoever until I was about 15 years old. Even then I thought that maybe he just didn't know about me; I was wrong to think that maybe just maybe he wanted to know more about me as I did him... Well I guess that's why they call them dreams. It's all in our heads and usually won't come true. I've known who my dad is for about 4 years now and still I know very little about him and much less the other half of myself. So if you are a father or a mother of a child that you've never had anything to do with just for your benefit then I can tell you that you don't know what you're missing because every child is a blessing no matter what the past of the child or of the parents of the child may be...Every child is a blessing.

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