December 21, 2011
By jdvalentine BRONZE, Pipe Creek, Texas
jdvalentine BRONZE, Pipe Creek, Texas
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Does she know?
He’s pretty sure she does
But she doesn’t care
She only wants friendship
And it isn’t fair
He could be her everything
If she let him try
He would do anything for her
Even if it made him die.

But life’s like this:
Hardly a thing happens is good
We fall prey to uncertainty
Nothing ever works out
And it’s really hurting me

Please don’t let me fall
All hope is gone
Reduced to crawl
Just waiting for the dawn
Will it ever come?
He sure hopes so
He hopes he will end up happy
He only wants to be with her, though.

It’s an endless curse:
Falling in love with your best friend
But in love you stay
Even past the end.
It doesn’t matter to you though
Because your goal in life
Is to make her happy
And if she’s happy, it alright.

So with these last words
He wants to say
He will always be waiting
He will love you for eternity

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