Forever Chrissie

January 12, 2012
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It started with our eyes locking as I walked bye,
I walked up; we kissed all I could feel is bliss.
I see stars in your eyes it’s mind boggling to me
Let us share this first dance
I’ll start with your hips and make my way up to your lips,
Take my heart in your hands, and I’ll hold yours in mine,
These are parts of life you wouldn’t ever want to miss
You said “Please don’t ever leave.”
“Darling you have my word“-
This is blowing my flipping mind,
Love is robbing me freaking blind,
But I guess it’s fine, because I brought this upon myself,
and even when I’m by myself I know I’m not alone,
Because I know you’re there thinking of-
When you’re home alone read this; miss me pray we cross paths again;
(Even though many days have passed and I know we haven’t spoken much,
And I still tell you the distance between us really doesn’t faze me much
Please know I still love you more than anything)
But until then I’ll do everything I can to escape this pain,
Another girl, another kiss, another promise, another worded line, to pass the time.
These actions keeps my head in the clouds , with my feet off the ground,
My hands in the heavens, but my arms are still too weak to pull myself up.
Let’s make this last; my sweet never ending inappropriate romantic affliction,
Your final words “I love you” is all I heard,
I use to think love was so absurd, then I met you and now such a word referring to it is so unheard
The past 3 years feel now much like a blur. But I never forgot, and I never stopped,
“I love you” is a phrase that’s so cliché;
But my darling Chrissie I’ll say “I love you” every day and live up to my slightly cliché ways. c:
C:-Jesse Marshall

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xJessex666 said...
Jan. 18, 2012 at 10:17 am
Thank you very much c:
lxslynn said...
Jan. 17, 2012 at 7:40 pm
I LOVED this. Really made me feel like i was witnessing the whole thing. Great details and awesome flow through out the whole thing. (:
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