December 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Seeing you everyday really makes be feel so good, but in the darkness I feel so alone and there is just nothing I can do.. Every time I close my eyes I feel a tear drop rush down the sides of cheeks and I can't seem to believe this is really me. I just want to feel free from all this deep depression but baby I can't, you know it seems to me that every body thinks I am happy but in reality I am not indeed. Here I am walking down the side of the street smiling and laughing but it's just all a big act. No one knows what I deal with out side of the box.. I'm stuck and there is no way out of this darkness. Every body sees cuts and I can't seem to trust. I stand here looking down and ashamed of who I am and I just want to feel free from all this hurting degree baby please set me free from all this false anti crying... I am so alone in a darkness of depression and I just can't feel free until I just leap of the top of this tree and then I can finally feel the real me and sing Baby I am free can't you just see and forget about the past and let me move on fast? I can say I may have almost been gone but here I am standing here finally letting you know the real me for who indeed I am for sure free..

The author's comments:
This piece is a about a girl that is dealing with depression and cuts her self and doesn't let anyone know it until they see it.. I my self can relate to this poem because I my self deal with depression but I have never cut before and stuff. I wrote this poem inspired by Demi Lovato because she is from the same town as me and we have a lot in common and she was down but she brought her self back up and this piece is about that..

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