The Decision Making Process

December 26, 2011
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Is this just an illusion?
Like coke slipping down my throat on a cold winter’s morning,
Will it be gone before I know it?

But I know that
I’d rather have you sitting next to me now than anyone else,
And I’ve been imagining the feel of your hand wrapped in mine,
Fingers entwined,
Calluses behind.

All the reasons back up one conclusion
But is there real passion there?
If I have to ask than I’m not too sure,
But it’s hard to put your feelings on the line anymore.

Fences are strong but even they might fall


You’ve got that childlike innocence and wonder in your eyes
And somehow it’s hard to believe how much time has passed by.
The concrete walls are chipped but I know you won’t break them down,

Oblivious you are to turmoil inside
Even though you’ve got no lust in your eyes
As you trample down paths,
Most of the shadows hide.

God frowns on those who end childhood.


Is there a now or never for us?
I don’t believe in such nonsense
You can’t stop the waves from going out to sea
But will you notice the seashells on the beach?
I don’t know.

But of all the desperate love songs I’ve written,
They have never taken as much time as this one.


You’ll fight and you’ll kick,
If you see blood you’ll scream.
You’ll try to hold the scars closed at the seams,
But I am who I am
And I thank the memories.

The past is the past
And behind me it lays
I’ll pick up the garbage mixed in with the waves
Whether you grab a stick and help me is your choice
But I must decide

The decision is so much harder since I want your hand in mine.
Only fingers entwined.

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