December 23, 2011
To say I’m happy
Would be a sad comparison.
To say you’re pretty
Would be an insult.
I can’t see myself without you.
And I am running through
A field with you.
Running towards a love
That’s true.
You and me are as good
As it gets.
The will it takes to say
Is fading.
And I am left alone in
The dark.
When you hang up the phone,
I am crying.
Because I have to wait til morning,
To hear you voice again.
I am running through
The sand with you.
Running towards
My open heart.
To give it to you.
I don’t think you understand
What you mean to me.
I can’t explain it here,
It’s a pounding in my heart,
This feeling in my soul.
A growing stain of love,
One that can’t be changed,
Will always stay the same.
I am running through the sky
With you.
Running towards the Heavens
And their open gates.
With a heart full of love,
And a silent feeling of fear.
Take my hand,
Don’t let go of me.
I will always be by your side,
I will never ever hide.
Walking to my bed tonight,
Wishing you were here.
Lying in my arms.
To say I’m happy
Would be an understatement.

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