January 9, 2012
By NenaDiallo BRONZE, Ny Ny, New York
NenaDiallo BRONZE, Ny Ny, New York
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The way i cry
the way i die
the way my hearts in tears all the time
the life i live is surely depressing
but i cant fuss cause dey say life is a blessing
i walk around with my heart open i don't hide from nobody.
they see my coldness if you hurt me im go show it .
how can i act like its okay when this happens everyday
sometimes i don't feel loved
i hold it in cause im that tough
im stronger than the word strong.
you called my wrong cause i was young
you must of thought i was dumb
when i laugh you mad
when im sad you laugh
yeah i cussed you out cause i felt you was trash
but its all good cause it be like that
when im outside of my house
i think, i guess just to figure s*** out
people love to judge me not knowing what im about
people just run there mouths i wanna black out
not spazz but disappear
disappear like i was never here
be gone gone in thin air
sometimes i feel im taking this over bored
yeah i got anger problem thats why i praise the lord
god help me i cant scream anymore
he took my pride cant walk through them door
he took my energy you would of though i was a dog
i order respect
were every other thing they dont wanna reject
we like the movie streck
part1 part2 part3
what you expect
i wasted my time on you
you could call me a fool
i was stuck not knowing i was glued

The author's comments:
This is really i rap i wrote based on my life and the way i felt around the world. its like me against the world . and how i was hurt

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