The paint brush.

January 11, 2012
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Take a step back,
Let the smoke color the sky black,
Her bridges are burning,
The tables are turning.
Spinning faster, and faster,
Until everything goes away.
And she's back in the park she used to play,
Air crisp, sky blue, she wouldn't dare peek.
Her motivation was clear, it's the attention she'd seek.
The fear that if the game came to an end,
She'd be left alone, looking for a friend.
Grass green, dew fresh,
Her emotions stayed tangled in a confusing mesh.
She loved so and tried accordingly,
But her willingness to care never came without a fee,
Constant disappointment rattled her spirit,
She had grown so weary she came to fear it.
Terrifed of getting hurt,
Yet she braved on, played on, her faced streaked with dirt.
Orange glow as the sun fell,
She knew the time was coming to say forewell,
She faced her fears,
Fought back her tears,
Hoping, Praying, Begging this would not be the end of it,
Hoping, Praying, Begging they wouldn't forget.
The young and loving girl with the big heart,
Left that day, with a smile on her face as she turned to depart.
That young girl fought day in and day out,
And constantly pondered what life was about,
For the hollowness in her chest,
Was numbing at the very best.
And years of struggle made her retreat,
Return to her shell in reluctant defeat.
She learned not to trust or care,
And she learned the risk if she did dare.
Now she's burned her bridges and blackened the skies,
Left with the tables turned and muffled cries.
For this world is a harsh one,
It feeds on fear and leaves all your hopes and dreams undone,
Until one day you have to revisit the past,
Promise yourself that this tear with be the last.
Learn to love even when the ones you loved so have turned you away,
Learn to fight these fears until your dying day.
For living in such consumption isn't living at all.
Learn to have faith in every flaw,
For living is such a painful chore if you live with such a belief
Learn to forgive and forget for it will serve as a huge relief,
For living in this world you can't rely on anyone else.

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