See -Saw

January 7, 2012
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I gotta do this on my own.
I gotta make it all alone.
It's like you're making this much worse.
Seems our relationship is cursed.
(Where were you?)When I needed you the most.
(Where were you?)When I took that heavy load.
(Where were you?)When I didn't seem to care.
I feel alone and just need you here.

Sometime's I'm up and you fall down.
You'd get off I'd hit the ground.
We're not giving it all we got.
It takes two,me and you to balance this out.
But I'm the only one giving this a shot!
I'm sick of playing see-saw,see-saw.
See-saw,See-saw x2
I'm sick of playing see-saw.
This is the last straw.(See-saw.)

It's like my life makes no sense.
We work so hard with no progress.
We argue more I see you less.
I used to think you were my world.
Back then I was a stupid girl.
(I see you)As a liar and a cheat.
(I see you)As the dirt under my feet.
(I see you)As a mean,old ugly clown.
Who isn't there,who doesn't care or want me around.
Now, I've been through my ups and downs.
But not so literally (oh-oh-oh)
I've gotta get off cause rides make me oh so queasy (no-no-no)
It's been a fun ride..
But you no longer hold a place inside...
See saw,see saw,see saw,see saw.
I'm sick of playing!
I'm tired of riding!
Chorus x2
See-saw...See-saw.. (fades gradually)

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SilverSun said...
Apr. 6, 2012 at 11:49 am
WOW! I would buy this song for reals. I could totally imagine it playing thro my head. I love the use of see-saw because that is so original! Awesome Song!
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