It's Not Working

January 7, 2012
By Mack Kernan SILVER, Flemington, New Jersey
Mack Kernan SILVER, Flemington, New Jersey
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Jerusalem, It’s destiny,
Is the coast gone?
And what about the black hold of your bonds
My blood, Set aflame
Feather set my knife
So what have we to live for if not life?
Swing the bulbs and watch them burn
Flick the switch and hear the turn
Drop the second to discern
Cut the cord and then you start to learn
Infinite, I’m flying free
What has gone wrong?
My separation no longer belongs
Too far south, off the map
Lost from the way
Where do we draw the line twixt night and day?
Mother kills and mother falls
Ash to ash and ash is all
Learn to run before you crawl
Take the quick brigade and take the fall
With every Lie, You, tell
Another rings, the, bell
More matter sent, to, hell
My anger comes, in, waves, to, swell!
Teacher, I’m tiring
Done all I can do
And how far would you go to put me through
Mister, please; I’m losing time
Quickly losing calm
Trace the answers back across your palm
Everyone is falling back
No improvements to the track
Take the lead to leave the pack
Make a solid stance against the stack
The more you take away
The people shaded grey
More people try to stay
And then we come to watch them play
Children, we’re slowing down
Coming to a stop
Backburning our knowledge from the top
Tasting, our own defeat
Fingers turning blue
We’ve eaten all we can from yonder true
The fury makes me scream
Smashing another screen
It takes the sun’s fresh gleam
To take out all your dreams
Mother, it’s emptiness
Dead souls come to life
And no one tries to make it to the light
Eating, the given swill,
Nothing left to do
So take up both your arms and shove It through
Seek the dopes and kill the kids
Reign in terror, lock the lids
Get your money, place your bids
Live and learn to live with what you did
My clenched fists draw, first, blood
Stupidity, makes, flood
With a resounding thud
My brain will drag you through the mud

The author's comments:
Ignorance. Going to be on my newest record

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