Just Like That

December 20, 2011
You drew me close with your beautiful lies
I should have seen through you, when I looked in your eyes
You seemed so certain; I let you set the pace
But now I see clearly you just love the chase
When nothing is sacred, you would be surprised
What people will do with blind lust in their eyes.
You listen to them and do what they say
But they take all you’ve got, and then throw it away
How stupid you are, and how lost you must feel
When only deception and falsehood are real.
Head on his shoulder. hands all over him.
Is he your true love or just another victim?
I felt like a fool when you caught me staring
You looked at me, mocked me, indifferent, uncaring,

Repeat Chorus

Did it even matter that I trusted you?
Even though we both know I had no reason to?
I just wonder why. Why did you have to lie?

You left me alone, I’ve got no more to loose
I was just a toy that you picked up and used
After you left I can’t say I was confused
Because I knew your whole endeavor was just a ruse

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