Come with me

January 9, 2012
(Verse 1)
A six year old girl with her toys to play
Didn’t think she’d lose her innocence today
She looked up to him as a role model
But he screwed up and it’s not the same
She said “no don’t please stop” Now
She’s wondering why
She went through that she prays and cries about life
“this shouldn’t happen to me..”

But there’s a God and he’s willing to love
He can heal the pain and show you what you’re truly made of
Just take my hand and come with me
I’ll show you some things you should have seen
Just look up and he’s there
Start saying that first prayer
And he’ll remind you that you’re precious
And the possibilities are endless

(Verse 2)
Eleven years old now and she’s moving on
She’s forgotten the way that he did her wrong
She’s still so young but so in love
With a man who sends her joy from above
She’s focused on God and things are looking up
But as she gets older she picks up that red cup
And she doesn’t look back for anything…

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MorganM. said...
Jan. 11, 2012 at 9:36 am
This is very touching. Please write more songs! This piece speaks to me.
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