Tell Me

January 5, 2012
I'll tell you again and again

I'm not like the other girls

I won't hold your heart...

Just to break it to pieces

I'm not like the others

I'll love you for you

Not for what I get from you

So, tell me what I wanna hear

That I'm the one

The one you'll call your baby

The one you'll die for

I wanna be the special girl you hold late at night

I wanna be your one and only

I saw what the last one did

Ripped your heart at the seams

Right where healing was almost finished from the previous

All those lies,

I was here for you

Didn't you see me?

But, I'm here

I always have been...

In the shadows

I'll step into your sunshine

To show you my worth

I have this determination in my heart to continue through

Even pushing through the horrid pain of your heartbreak

Because I know I'm what you need...

But, I'm not what you want

When you're everything that I've ever wanted

Tell me I'm the one

All I've longed to hear escape from your lips

Tell me you love me

But, not like the past

All I ever want to hear...

All I ever want to feel

Your warm embrace

Your cool breath on my skin

Baby, it's all my heart beats for

My heart beats for you

Tell me...

Tell me how you feel

If you feel anything at all for me

I guess your eyes never saw my name

etched into the flesh of your shadow

Because that's all I am to you


Yet, you're everywhere I look

In every thought that crosses my mind

Tell me

Tell me I'm that special girl

Tell me your heart beats for me

It'll all I've been telling you all along

But, my words were cut out of the silence

Tell me

Tell me you love me

It's all I wanna hear

All this time

I've seen all the girls come and go

Yet, I've managed to keep my place

Although, like it really mattered

As if you ever listened to me in the first place

Watch my lips

Hear my voice

It's what I beg for

I love you

All we could ever be

I want it

Hand in hand

The inside jokes

It's what I want

Always in arm's length away

Never close enough to get my fingers on it

Tell me I'm the one you'll stay up all night thinking about

Tell me I'm your other half

The other half of your foiled heart

Tell me I'm yours

Just tell me...

It's all I want...

To call you


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