I Guess.

December 29, 2011
Verse 1: Rejected, rejected, the terrible feeling.
Its all right, I’ll go on dealing…
With the pain I received with this.
It’s all right I struck out with a miss.
Cause It’s always better to try and fall,
Cause’ now I can go back to standing tall.

Chorus: I guess you’re just another girl to me.
I guess I’ll go on without a way to see…
How good we could have made this world
But I guess it’s all right, you’re just another girl.

Verse 2: Well, We’ll just be friends for now.
I don’t want to understand how…
How I gained these feelings I don’t want to lose.
How I have to go on pretending that I don’t like you.
I guess I don’t like you.
I guess this time I’ll just pretend that.

(Chorus without the first “I guess”)

Verse 3: Eventually you’ll find the guy.
And with that I’ll be just fine.
I guess I’ll be happy for you.
And I guess that I don’t really care…
That the truth stands right in front of you.
That the truth just wants me to be with you.


Bridge: I guess I’ll just go on living.
I guess I’ll be okay.

(Chorus x2)

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