monsters dead today

January 5, 2012
Monsters are gray,
The shade of today,
What we feel,
What they all say,
If you cut me open,
That’s what you would see,
The monster inside of me.
He fights to be free,
To see the sun too,
If only you knew,
That this battle,
Is not fought with fist,
But with my heart,
And in my head,
I fight again,
Not against any man,
But the person I really am.

He kills at night,
We hold onto you too tight,
Whispering dark words,
Holding onto the worst,
Who can help me?
From the monster I’m meant to be?

I took a bottle,
And broke it in two,
One side was me,
And the other side you,
I kissed your lips,
And tasted blood,
Not your own,
But mine,
From the monster inside of me,
I took the glass,
And my broken past,
And killed him,
The boy I used to be,
And the monster inside of me,
Both of them,
Dead as could be.

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