It's Worth It

January 4, 2012
By Anabelle92 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Anabelle92 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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For so long I watched you cry,
Heard your every sleepless night.

But I can only watch for so long,
Knowing I’m useless.
That there’s nothing I can do or say,
To help you through this.

I have to walk away before it’s too late,
Before I’m hurt again.
I've tried so hard to stay strong
But I am breaking… I’m falling apart.
I can’t stay here,
I can’t let you break my heart.

I know you don’t mean to,
I know you don’t want to,
You can’t help who you are.

And I’m sorry it has to end this way,
But I know I’m too weak to stay.
This stitched together heart,
can only hold for so long.
One more break and I’ll be gone.

I know I have to go,
But in my heart I also know: I can’t leave you.
I love you too much to walk away.
I need you in my life,
Not just today but always.

And if letting my heart break again,
Means that you’ll stay here with me;
It’s worth it.
It’s worth every tear that will follow.
To put a smile on your face for a day,
Knowing I make you happy;
Just being me, it’s worth it.

The pain this will cause,
The tears that will follow.
And that day,
That day you walk away again;
My heart will break…
My heart’s gonna break.

But I’ll take it,
It’s worth it to have you stay.
This time we’ve been given is a gift,
And I‘m not gonna waste another minute.
I won’t waste another day.
I won’t shut you out
To keep my heart safe,
I won’t keep my heart safe.

I don’t know what will come with tomorrow,
But I have you today,
And I promise you I won’t let our time slip away.

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