I'll Cry Tomorrow

December 13, 2011
I’ll cry tomorrow,
For then I will have sorrow.
I’ve cried so many tears,
As if it’s been many years.
I don’t know how I feel,
What with all that has to heal.
I can’t say if I’m the same,
For all I feel is shame.
I don’t think the sun can shine,
For life now isn’t fine.
I don’t have any glee,
Just sadness you see.
I want to cry down tears like rain,
But that would probably be insane.
I must repress my feelings like a man,
But I don’t think I can.
I must continue to live day-by-day,
That’s all I can really say.
I know I can be completely grave,
But then I know I must be brave.
I have been so badly hurt,
If only people weren’t so curt.
I wish that time could just go by,
So fast that it might fly.
Then I might feel so fine,
The sun might even shine.
I’ll cry because no one loves me,
I’ll cry because I want to flee
All the problems in the earth.
Sorry to say, even my own hearth.
Someday, hopefully things will get better,
I might even write a letter
To all of those who love me,
Who know what I am to be.
I’ll cry tomorrow,
A time when I might have sorrow.

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