December 26, 2011
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Smile at me because
You think that you see
The thoughts behind my guarded grey eyes.
You think I belong to you but I don't,
I'd rather die alone than be yours.

Long skirts brush together and
Form a wall, a reminder that
I'm different from you all.

Try to catch me alive and
Lock me in a cage.
Observe me like I'm a rat in a maze,
Well the bones sticking out of my flesh misbehave
And don't touch me.

So sorry, little boy
If my words disturb you
Sorry if I ruined your day
Pent up aggression inside me won't decay
I will not stay silent after all this time.


So I say, "No way!
I'm not ever going back to a hospital bed."
I say, "No... I said no..."

Catch me alive and lock me in a cave,
Observe me like I'm a rat in a maze.
I'm not never, no ever, not never going back again.

Catch me alive and don't say I'm better off dead.
I know the pain of the waves up ahead.
I know that sometimes it's hard to bare,
The tribulations of the blank stares.
But I'm not ever, no never, not ever going back to the hospital bed.

Life is too short for all these little games,
Play dumb, baby, or just behave!


I'll run away.
No I'm not scared.
The other fugitives scream,
"Monsters beware!"

But I'll grow some balls and
Ignore their teeth
As the vines brush my clothes
The bandages rip and
At 2 AM you stop and see me,
Behind the brush,
Tears on my cheek.

Quietly approach
Because I might jump and scream
Quietly now as you lean into me,
Your hand on my wrist,
God what's that pressure mean?
And it's so quiet as my heart stops to beat
But you move aside the shield hiding me
Run your fingers across the red lines
As you life my chin up,
I've got nothing to hide but your
Velvet soft whisper caress my cheek and
I must agree that

Scars heal.

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