How it has to be

December 22, 2011
Sometimes i start to wonder

why does it have to be

sometimes i wonder

what it's like to be free

when the rain starts to pour

it's like a thunderstorm

my heart fights a war

against the darkness inside me

that's how it has to be

why can't we all just see

I'm torn into pieces

i close my eyes

and see two faces

beginning with the lies

i realize

it's how it has to be

(how it has to be)

opened my heart

to you again

i got hurt

once again

so don't say

this is the end

we've gone a long way

to pretend

this ain't worth it

but you exposed it

your true intentions

let me change your direction

from left to right

please go into the night

and hold my hand

our feet in the sand

the louder my heart beats

the more I'm in-love

oh you complete me

your my angel from above

together we will fall in-love

this is how it has to be

when you close your eyes

i wonder why

you look so peaceful

and I'm so needful

you whisper to me

please don't leave me

your what i need

in order to breathe

your what i need

in order to breathe

but your all i need

baby don't tell me

i ran out of breath

I'm trying to whisper

but no words would come out

baby I'm no casper

this is how it has to be

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