December 16, 2011
I spread my wings and try to fly.

I spread my wings and try to take off in the wind.

I try a lift off but I fall right to the ground


I try to fly. . .

But. . .

my wings are clipped

I’m falling. . .

circling and falling. . .

I could almost touch the sky!

But I can’t

I tell myself, never give up.

I tell myself to always get up


I try to spread my wings!

there clipped and once again

I’m falling.

Will ever quit falling?

I stand up and face the wind. . .

again. . .

never going to quit.

going to keep at it. . .

I spread my wings

I’m flying. . .

Oh my gosh!

I’m flying! I’m actually flying!

Wind in my hair, birds everywhere!

And I smile to the sun set and fly. . .

fly. . . away. . .

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kingofwriters said...
Jan. 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm
This poem was really good; I liked the theme a lot! Thanks for commenting on my story, by the way; keep up the good work!
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