You and Me

December 16, 2011
By hvyhtr21 BRONZE, Windsong Ct., Georgia
hvyhtr21 BRONZE, Windsong Ct., Georgia
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Let’s Explore,
What’s more?
You aren’t even taller than the floor,
I’m as tall as Yao Ming,
Why am I so mean?
That’s the theme,
You know what I mean?
Looked in the mirror or was that just a magazine,
I’m a fiend,
So lean,
Know how I feel?
No cause you fell,
And I sell,
You are old and sold,
Always on sale and belong in jail,
To be honest you smell,
I quell,
You repel,
Like south and south,
I’m from the south,
That’s word to mouth,
I rep. East Atlanta,
Just went to Savannah,
That’s absurd,
Like when you hear I came in third,
Because I’m first of my class,
Never second to last,
Why are you in the past?
Why are you always last?
I always have a blast,
All the notes we passed,
Were about you,
This rap is overdue,
Something I never got to do,
Someday you flew,
But now I’m fly,
Stop asking why,
Someday I’m will die,
Ha that’s a big lie,
Anyway bye,
See you later,

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