The Haha In your Face Song

December 16, 2011
(Verse 1)Dearest you
Don't know how to say this
Without sounding like a jerk
Nevermind on second thought I
Really hope this hurts
I figured you out I've no more doubt about the reasons why you talked to me
I was just a fallback
That would explain the lack of callbacks
On top of everything
Just wanted to say

(Chorus)Hey thanks for nothing
It used to mean something
Hey thanks for pretending
Like you cared
Hey thanks for acting
Kind of reacting
I needed a fake shoulder to cry on
Was it a piece of cake pretending to be relied on
If you were hoping I would crash and burn and fall
Just know I did
But it doesn't hurt at all

Verese 2)Cuz I'm a little bit wiser
A little bit smarter
A whole lot stronger
Much less of a martyr
More devoted and I've showed it
So you can go pick on someone else
Or be by yourself...

(Repeat chorus)

(Verse 3)So quite frankly
If you think I'm crazy
Only sarcastic
Untalented and lazy
I think you were more interested in my butt
Hey you guess what?
You you you were wrong wrong wrong
I just wrote a happy song

(Repeat Chorus)

You said I couldn't do it
But I just said screw it!
This is the haha in your face song!

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