Next Fall

December 16, 2011
My dear dear friends
I love you so
It breaks my heart to see you go
and watch you leave
from the airport window
I cant decide
whether to laugh or cry
from all the good times

When we jumped around in a fake fight
Aciidentally on purpose stayed up all night
Threw a birthday party and dyed our hair
I'd follow you girls anywhere
Through helmets and k tape
masks, hats and cookie cakes
you were there for it all
and I cant believe I wont see you next fall

The running was only half of the story
Wenever had one moment of boring
After we crossed the finish line
there was always another side
Yes I know we had our moments
and I cant believe its already over and
as I watched you take your final step
I couldnt help but never forget

Bike horns and butterfly masks
The eyeliner and crazy hats
Plant jewelry sister skirs
smoking shrimp cuz theres only dirt
Pizza bokes orange tongues
building forts on long runs
ditching in the dich was too much fun
But it's over and done
And youve been with me through it all
And I cant believe
I wont see you next fall

I know youll move on to something
Bigger tan our cc team
but will you please
remember me
Cuz I cant believe
After it all
I wont see you next fall

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