December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Chorus: How could you be so alone?
And nobody knows?
How could you feel like?
Nobody will care?
I’m right here for you
Right beside you
There’s no reason to feel
All alone

It hit me just the other day
When you passed me a note
And walked away
Told me don’t read until nine
And I knew what it was before I opened it
We all freaked out and called in favors
While crying a river of tears
Went to bed sobbing
Hoping my fears wouldn’t come true
I loved you, baby, like a plant loves the sun
You were my first love and even though you hurt me
I don’t want you to feel like this
We love you; we’d cry our hearts out
Please tell me, brother, what this is about
Never feel

The author's comments:
One of the people near and dear to my heart was feeling alone and suicidal...So this is the song that came out of it. Hey, bro, I love you, OK? At least attempt to snap out of it... <3

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