December 18, 2011
By Leeforever97 GOLD, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Leeforever97 GOLD, Cottage Grove, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
I've burned my bridges, finally no-one can follow me. -Lee Kuykendall

-Wakin up so early
And my hairs all screwed up
So just to hide all the stress
I smear on the makeup-I force myself to swallow
The pills , handfuls at a time
And then I head to school
Why do I do this
Why am I being this fool-On my way home
I start to light up
But you catch
And kiss me ….
And that’s when you say…shut up and listen...-Chorus {This is my intervention
This is the wrong freaking direction
I need you, I love you
So this is my faithful protection
This is my intervention}-You put your arms around me
And hug me as I cry
You say you love me and
I never have to ask why-You tell me you care
An I’ll always know you tell the truth
Your careful kiss and wanting touch
Are more than I need as proof
And you said just shut up and listen-{chorus}-Everywhere all that anyone says
I don’t belong
Sometimes I wish
That I was just freakin gone
Cause I really don’t need this
So all of you who call me names, and betray me and talk at me.. All the ones trying to make my ears bleed!!
I prefer to just leave it alone , so shut up and listen!-{chorus}-I will always love you
And I hope you need me
And I’ll never need more
Because your everything for me
And you said… just shut up and listen..-{chorus } x2

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