Bloody Valentine

December 17, 2011
By Anonymous

He tears me to pieces,

It's his obsession and ow I'm his bloody valentine,

My heart isn't even pumping,

Blood isn't flowing,

I'm getting sucked dry cuz he drowns me in his lies,

He made me his bloody valentine,

He broke my heart and glued back the pieces,

He tried to fix me like a mirror,

You can see all the cracks and you can see all the hurt, but it didn't even matter to him anymore,

He stabbed me in my heart, he stabbed me in my soul, he made it so I'm not rearrangeable,

No one can take away this excruciating pain,

I'm bleeding out all of the love I had for him, he took away alll the happiness, and all that's left is the words I put in a song to tell me you were wrong, you never loved me, you never really cared, It's easier said than done,

I'm through with the pain, I'm through with going down with you, I'm done making these same mistakes,

He made me his bloody valentine,

I'm not his blody valentine no more,

Bloody valentine, bloody valentine,

He broke my heart,

I'm not his valentine,

Bloody Valentine

The author's comments:
This piece is about a girl who is dumped by her boyfriend two days before Valentine's Day. I was the girl who got dumped and whenevr I get sad or angry I write songs like this and they usually work real good.

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