Like You Never Loved Me

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Chorus: But I was wrong, wasn’t I, mother?
I was wrong to think I could believe
That a mother was required to love her child
Like you never loved me

You say you don’t trust me
Yet you make me do everything
You say you don’t love me
That’s obvious, don’t you think?
All I’ve done in my life is
Idolize you
All I’ve done in my life is
Look up to you
Am I so useless in your eyes?
Are you never proud of me?
I can’t ever let you see me cry
I can’t show weakness for anything
I know you love my brother
He’s a boy, and they can all tell
That you favor him above me
They comment on it themselves
I loved you, Mother, but today you proved me wrong
You say you don’t trust me
But I’ve loved you all along
Your words cut deeper than anything in my soul
It makes me wonder
How you will feel when I’m gone
Like you never loved me

The author's comments:
My mom...I feel like she never really loved me for me...She just wanted me to have HER life...and I don't want that, so she doesn't love me as much as she loves my brother, who adores her...
My first heartbreak came from my mother. My second came from my ex. I don't think I'll have a third, unless my boyfriend breaks up with me, but...who knows?

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