The Letter

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

When I received the phone call saying I had gotten a letter from you, I dropped the phone. You had sent it to my father's home. The tight grip I had on it, was no more. I dropped it, and slowly let it hit the floor. I could only imagine what it said. Could only imagine what had happened to you...were you dead? I tried to escape the troublesome thoughts in my head. I turned off my lamp, and rested my tired body on the bed. Snow was falling, ever so lightly. A chill wind, froze me to the bone, I thought of calling you on the phone. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't rest, not without my head on your chest. My thoughts suddenly filled with a lonesome blues, please just let me be the one you choose. I've became a monster of anger and rage, love has become my battle, and locked me in this cage. I thought I was young, wild, and free, but when you left, you took all of me. The letter just sat and stared, as if to mock me, but I hadn't cared. It was thin as ice, folded with care, could it contain your demise? I wouldn't be able to strife. No. I let my thoughts drift away, until they were at bay. The letter that I then held in my hands, contained your life. this would determine everything. It could cut me like a knife. It had full power over me, I was weak compared to the words it contained, then all of a sudden,my eyes shifted to its margin, and there I spotted a scarlet blood stain.

The author's comments:
This poem means more to me than any other I have written, it contains a piece of me that is hidden.

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