my friends

December 11, 2011
By SILVER, Elmhursy, Illinois SILVER, Elmhursy, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never give up
Everything gets better

you all ask me if I'm fine
I keep with these lies
hey ya im fine
but how bout u, u alright
ill listen to yo problems f*** my life
i dont give a damn
tell me bout u, i care for u
my friends its all about u
thts how i like it cause i give a damn
ill never open up
my problems aint worth s*** man
but yet ill keep cryin and dyin on the inside
keep all these damned feels locked up inside
i dont wanna look weak
i care for my friends needs
not mine

The author's comments:
my friends mean so much to me so i dont wanna concern my own problems i solely wanna focus on them so i bottle up all my feelings inside and lie so they wont worry bout me but so i can worry on focus on them and helping them however i can

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