my attempt at a song

December 11, 2011
What you did,
what you did,
you left me alone,
all out in the cold,

You said you had to think,
mull things over,
but you never even gave me a chance,
a chance to show you...

I thought you saw through the mask that I wear all day,
I thought you knew that I was going cra-a-zy,
But if only I knew,
I would of stayed away from you.
(from you. from you)

You are the king of hearts,
sorry your majesty,
I got you mixed up with the boy of my dreams.
And then his family.
Now they hate me.
Think I'm superficial.
Some sort of plastic, barbie doll.

I confess, I made a mistake.
but how was I supposed to see through him to you.
you were invisible to the naked eye.
so cut me a break,
Oh why do I even try...

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