I Never Will

December 4, 2011
Cold fingers hold my throat
Freezing up they won't let go
I try to fight
But life keeps evading me
Potent poison sinking deep
I'm fading
Lost in worlds of endless doubt
4th dimension no way out
Im drowning
Ice so cold it turns to fire
As I slowly float higher

Drunk on what I want to hear
Words of liars drown my fears
The real world slipping through my grasp
Like sand slips through the hourglass
Twisting roiling
Point of boiling
I'm gone I'm gone
Up into the atmosphere
switching to the highest gear
Watching waiting with a chill
They say what goes up
Must come down but I
Never will

Pressure holding down my lungs
Raising,breathless I go numb
Every feeling lost in space
Joy and love and even hate
That I felt for you
Estimating calculating
Done with hoping wishing praying
I give up as I go up

I'll sit with the stars
Floating weightless in the dark
I belong better here
Better here
Accepted for who I am
I refuse to ever land
I'll pioneer my way to my own life
If it begins with endless night
So be It I'll be here in
Space the final frontier

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