One Good Reason

December 9, 2011
By anthro-girl15 SILVER, Shawano, Wisconsin
anthro-girl15 SILVER, Shawano, Wisconsin
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"It's not about the outside which can be more deceiving than premonition. It's about the inside. Your inside which is as pure as a waterfall, a river, and a glistening lake."

You think you've seen,
The worse of all,
But where have you been?
You ain't seen nothing at all.
Now let me let you,
I'm far from perfect, baby,
But honey, you're far from what I expect!

Now, give me one good reason why I should change for you.
One good reason why it's my fault we're through.
Now give me one good reason why you're different,
From before.
From before.

I may be taller,
I may be short.
I may be thicker,
I may be the thin sort.
But look behind the dainty skin,
And tell me if I'm your enemy or kin.

I may not be gorgeous, baby,
But at least I've got sense.
You lie to me, you cheat your way to my love,
And now my love is past-tensed!


You cheat me into thoughts of care.
Why do you even bother?
Baby, why won't you,
Tell me the truth?
Tell Me The Truth.


Lying, cheating, beating my soul,
Baby, honey, you're out of control!
Now don't you come crying to me,
When your lyin' and cheatin' won't set you free!


The author's comments:
This was the first song I had ever written. It's been changed a couple times and I've taken out the verses that I didn't like as much. It's GENERALLY about a man cheating on a woman (or vise versa since I don't have a certain gender in the song). I was greatly inspired on the beat from Tina Turner and Paula Abdul, while my lyric inspiration came partially from Bon Jovi and a bit from Pat Benatar. Enjoy!

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