Nights Play

December 10, 2011
As Darkness comes out to play
People become the prey
The Moon shines bright
Owls take flight
When romances take place
The veil will reveal a new face

Beware of the nights' creatures
They come out to play
Howls from wolves warn others to stay away

Night is like poison
Slowly spreading its tendrils
Looking for someone or something to capture
Night always has a play written
It waits patiently until it's your turn
If the script doesn't go as planned, it's quickly rewritten

Don't fall into it's play
Stay indoors and away
Once it has you
You become its puppet
Attached by tendrils that feed on the living

Night is deadly
Night is controlling
Night is your death if it catches you

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Jan. 6, 2012 at 2:02 pm
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