World of Pretend.

December 10, 2011
By DZDarkWolf PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
DZDarkWolf PLATINUM, Midland, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
''Be cautious, people are quick to change when your back is turned.''

-To my knees I fell, my mind had been shattered.
-The battle had been lost, I returned bloody and tattered.
-A voice called out, "They don't understand you, no-one does."
-Weakly my head rose, curious to see.
-Who is this figure which speaks to me?
-They speak the truth, perhaps they understand.
-They tell me to rise as they lend out a hand.
-Searching the soul for an answer, I stare at the eyes.
-"Trust no-one", the figure says, my interest begins to rise.
-Whoever they are, I had interest at their arrival.
-Watch and despise, as I begin the revival.

The mind has grown lonely, give it a friend.
No time to ponder, the bars now bend.
Free yourself quickly and let it all end.
I love this world... My world of pretend.

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