December 10, 2011
By DooRonRon SILVER, Barstow, California
DooRonRon SILVER, Barstow, California
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If life hands you lemons, squirt juice in the enemy's eye!
"Dying would be an awful big adventure."- Peter Pan

It doesn't matter where he rides, where he runs,
Cause when I'm killing him I'll love him tons,
He doesn't get a choice to live or not,
Right next to my gravestone he will rot,
his broken life lies in my hand,
forever and always, next to me he'll stand,
time to put his fragile life at an end,
and right next to my gravestone him I'll send,
let's kiss under the gravestones,
right on top my dusty bones,
and here's what my gravestone read,
"even though my lovers not yet dead,"
soon I'll call him on my phone,
(end chorus)
so when I visit him as a ghost,
he better still want me most,
and not be bringing any girls home,
or I'll take those girls to my gravestone,
he better be ready to love with me,
dead or alive there will always be a we,
i was taken so young and you'll be soon,
by my gravestone, under the full-moon,
( bridge)
so the thunder cracks,
and the lightening roars,
and the murder man hacks,
on the wooden floors,
so i scream,
"I just want to be home, on my
and kill him on my gravestone

The author's comments:
Very dark but what can I say? I guess someone is trying to tell em something? Boyfriends beware! >:) muah haha

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