Raven in the Snow

December 3, 2011
A little raven in the snow lost its way. how?we don't know. we could guess about this mess but, in the end we'd all be wrong. Cause the raven wrote this song. It left a trail of feathers in the dark forest. Leading to its destroyed nest. All that was left was a little patch and a single egg. When spring hit the forest that year, a baby came to soar. A beautiful raven spread its wings. Every time it tried to fly it fell to the ground. And hit a branch or two. 5 years later the raven flew, not knowing the mother once it knew. it was beaten, broken, and all alone wishing it knew the way home. a little raven in the snow lost its way. how? we don't know...

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LMsmileyfaces! said...
Dec. 12, 2011 at 6:47 pm
OMG!This is soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!
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