Resonating Words

December 5, 2011
The words you said died, all those times you lied
everytime to my face, have come to the surface
the truth stolen, my trust broken
the promises you made, have begun to fade
your smiles, are miles
from where I am, where I am
everything I had, now jsut feels so sad
I feel like glass, paper thin
I am unbroken, and the words unspoken
seem to resonate
whereas yours have died
like a tear that's been cried
lost, gone, forever
my words ring aloud
cover your ears and the ringing grows
the truth has arouse
I awaken, from the fake
you turned out to be
no longer will you get to watch as I bleed
I have healed more than you will ever know
rising from the place you left me
the words of unspoken hurt begins to resonate
like the sun rising in the morning
I have started again
leaving only mt resonating words left for you

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