Baby Doll

December 2, 2011
Guess your not my honey.
Sense your creeping around.
My good looking money
Keeps ya staying in town
Got the high heel shoes the pearls and all.
But it sucks for you
I ain't cha, baby-doll

I find it crazy funny
That your packing pounds
Guess shes not your honey
Since she'skipping town.
Got the high heel shoe
Stole the pearls and all
Bet it sucks for you
You lost your baby-doll

Darling' Where's your honey?
Heard she's back in town.
She don't need ya money
She gotta new bank account
He got her new high heels
Fancy man, I wouldn't doubt it
not searching for deals
Spending money you couldn't count it.
No the pearls aren't gone.
Yeah it sucks for you.
There goes your ideal baby-doll.

(Repeat All)

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